Quickmap Enhancements

We have a number of enhancements lined up for Quickmap in 2017. This month’s data update will have a few big enhancements which include:

  1. The street address search now includes towns/cities, and long roads like state highways have a separate suburb for each suburb they pass through. Address searching will be a lot easier to use.
  2. We now show the plan reference that created the parcel for all parcels where the plan reference is not already included in the legal description.
  3. The total area is shown in brackets against parcels where the parcel area is unknown.
  4. Non-survey Information displayed in the Detailed Property Report is now also drawn on the map.

Items 2, 3 and 4 will show up in the detailed property report. To view these changes on the map run Autoupgrade\setup.exe.

Receiving updates via online Download has proven popular, with many people now choosing this method of updating Quickmap over CD-ROM Updates. We expect this trend to continue with the increase in broadband speeds across New Zealand. If you are not receiving downloads online, and would like to swap to this method, then let us know, and we will set you up.

❗ Please Note:

  • We will continue to send CD ROMs on subscription renewal.  These should be retained in a safe place, as some files which are required for a full install are not included in the download.
  • It is advisable to back up any Survey Plans (pre 300,000 series) or Aerial Imagery which have been supplied on a hard disk drive; this will avoid any replacement costs.
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