Quickmap Exports The Wrong Data

When exporting data from Quickmap, more data gets exported than what is shown on the screen and not the data I wanted. For example, when exporting a small area shown on the screen (2000m2) to DXF, the whole of the East Cape is exported, but with only coastline and maybe a bit of river information.

This is because Quickmap exports all the layers that are turned on. In the example above, the reason the whole of the East cape has been exported is because the NZ layer has been left turned on subsequently exported. When you import into CAD the extents are so large that you can’t see the other data you have imported.

A DXF export from QuickMap exports all the line work from all the layers that you have turned on. The main difference being that the line work is all one colour. Attributes are added to a Text layer when exporting in DXF.

To fix this, only turn on layers that you want to export.

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