QuickMap Info Tool

The QuickMap Info tool is used to highlight features, obtain additional information about that feature, and potentially change its appearence.To use the Info tool, click the Info button, then click the feature on the map.

  1. Click The Info button.
  2. Click the feature.Information about the selected feature will be displayed in the Info window.After the feature is selected, the Symbology Editor can be used to change the appearance of that feature.

Sometimes it can be difficult to select the correct feature on the map, because other features get in the way. You can tell QuickMap to just select features off one layer to help avoid this problem. This is done by selecting the active layer.

To set the active layer, right mouse click on the layer in the Layer Control tool. If you are not sure which layer your feature is in, tick the check box twice to toggle the layers visibility off and on. If the feature disappears, you know your feature is on that layer.

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