Quickmap Is Blurry

If your Quickmap application seems blurry / fuzzy / unclear, etc. this can be for a number of reasons related to the computer, rather than a problem with Quickmap.

While you’ll likely need to get help from your local IT person to fix the issue, we are always happy to field a quick call on any issues you’re having with Quickmap (including this one), and it is worth checking in with us first to make sure there isn’t a known problem with a recent update of Quickmap.

The most common causes of Quickmap blurriness are:

  • You have Advanced Scaling set incorrectly.
  • The default size of text has been altered.
  • Your screen resolution is not set to the correct level for your monitor.
  • The DPI Scaling has been set incorrectly.
  • Your monitor is broken or your cables are loose / damaged.
  • You have an issue with your graphics card, graphics driver or driver settings.

A quick Google search of the problem offers a number of websites with step-by-step instructions supported by pictures which can be helpful in troubleshooting this issue.

Addendum: You need to restart Quickmap after changing the font size, scaling or resolution to see if the changes fixed your blurry Quickmap.

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