QuickMap Symbology Editor

The QuickMap Symbology editor is used to change the appearance of map features such as text, parcels, rivers, roads and landmarks.

Changing the appearance of one feature will change all features that have the same Graphics Parameter (GP).  In this example, we will change the font size of Survey Plans which have a gp of 27 for SO’s,and 28 for the rest (DP’s, ML’s etc).

  1. Select one survey plan using the Info tool.
  2. Open the Symbology Editor by Pressing the F9 key, or by clicking Tools -> Symbology -> Edit from the menu, then click the Edit Label button.The editor will default to the correct GP, because it was selected in Step 1.
  3. Click the Font button.
  4. Change the font size. If you wish to view Survey Plans at a scale of around 1:13,000, for example in rural areas, then a font size of 36 works well.
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