Quickmap Version 8.2.7154 Release – 03 August 2019 Enhancements

Quickmap Version 8.2.7154 was released 3-Aug-2019 and includes the following enhancements:

  • Reports generated by selecting CTRL/R in Quickmap now display the x and y coordinates in currently selected display output coordinate system. The output coordinate system is set in Quickmap by selecting Tools->Options->Coordinate display off the menu.
  • Bearings and Distances can now be included when exporting in DXF format by turning bearings and distances on in Quickmap before selecting Export off the File
  • Street names exported in DXF files automatically rotate to follow the road.
  • Allow administrators to disable automatic Quickmap software updates – Contact Quickmap to find out how to do this.
  • Minor bug fixes:
    • Quickmap sometimes locked up when Support Log is selected off the Help
    • Using the Info tool on the Local Council layer generated an error.

See whats new in Quickmap version 8 for details of all enhancements.

Quickmap Version 8.2.7154 is freely available for download from http://downloads.quickmap.co.nz/URLDownloadHost/downloads/QmapV8_software

Online Data Updates

Most people now subscribe to our online data update service. There is no additional fee for this service, and we recommend you contact support@quickmap.co.nz to sign up. The service will save you time and money.

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