Quickmap Version 8.2 Release – 9 July 2019 Enhancements

Quickmap Version 8.2 has the following enhancements:

  • Faster: this release may be up to 3 times faster to draw the map.
  • Curved Street names: street names curve to follow the street so that the street name is positioned inside the street, making for a more cartographically pleasing looking street map.
  • Automatic Quickmap re-registration option: users in large organizations do not need to enter any information when the Quickmap annual subscription is nearing its end. This is also useful for when the organization has re-subscribed to Quickmap for another year and does not want the user to be presented with a registration form where they are able to enter the wrong re-registration information.
  • Automatic updates: Software updates are now available directly off the Help menu. This allows you to download the latest software automatically if you prefer. We have a number of exciting enhancements to Quickmap in the pipeline and we want to make as easy as possible for you to get them.

Minor enhancements include:

  • The option to view Survey Plans in JPG/TIF format, rather than the default PNG format. This enhancement only applies to subscribers of the Quickmap Survey Plan Expansion Pack.
  • Print preview will display when you click the Print button, similar to how it works in Quickmap Version 7.
    When exporting Quickmap data, the NZ layer will be excluded by default at scales under 1:50,000, rather than prompt you every time whether or not you want this layer excluded.
  • Add the option to disable footer text displayed on survey plan images.
  • Remember the layout of docked controls on main Quickmap window.
  • Add ability to change the size of the font on the layer control by selecting Tools->Options->Layer Control Font off the menu.
  • Remember the layout of docked controls on main Quickmap window.

Minor bug fixes:

  • While using the info tool, hold the z, x or c keys to zoom-in, out or pan, respectively, without disabling the info tool.
  • Selecting Support log off the Help menu in Quickmap fails to create a support log sometimes.
  • The coordinate system is ignored when adding a point by clicking on the Coordinate button after clicking the Add button.
  • Quickmap Salesview Sales->Reports->Within Selected Polygon throws error Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression ‘[y][ID]’.
  • Increase the limit on the number of plans listed when you click on the Plans icon.

See here for a full list of changes in Quickmap 8.

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