Quickmap Version 8 (Beta)

A beta release of Quickmap is now available. Contact us if you would like to participate in our beta test program. This new release provides the following features:

  • Quickmap generally has a newer and fresher look without changing how Quickmap works.
  • Better support for terminal servers. Private databases such as Qmap.mdb are no longer shared with multiple users, which allows Quickmap to be installed to the Program Files
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Updated schools, meshblocks and area units layers.
  • CSV files created by the reporting functionality now compatible with more recent versions of Excel.
  • Improved symbology (how the map looks) for the My Default layer.
  • New Repair Quickmap option available from the Tools Diagnose/Repair menu that can speed up Quickmap in some cases.

It is not necessary to first uninstall the existing Quickmap Version 7, so if you find a problem in the new Version 8 release, you can still use Version 7 until we get the problem fixed.

Version 8 is a prerequisite for our new online data update service. When Version 8 has completed beta testing, we will release our new data update service that will automatically provide data updates, similar to how programs such as antivirus and Dropbox work.

❗ Note that all custom added Quickmap layers will appear in the new version of Quickmap in the same way they do in the current Quickmap

❗ Update: Check out the Quickmap Version 8 beta test program Q&A!

See here for a full list of changes in Quickmap 8.

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