Run Setup.exe To Install DWG TrueView 2016 – English

When you start Quickmap, you get this error:

Run Setup.exe to install DWG TrueView 2016 – English

Typically you might see this after upgrading Windows to Windows 10. The DWG TrueView error occurs when Autodesk Viewer has been corrupted, often by the new Windows 10 upgrade.

To fix this, reinstall Autodesk Viewer. If you still have this error after reinstalling Autodesk Viewer, reinstall Quickmap.

❗ This is now fixed in the Quickmap Version 8 install. To fix this, install Quickmap v8. Installing Quickmap v8 will also fix the issue in Quickmap v7.

Other actions that we have found to fix this AutoCAD / TrueView error include:

  • Running a Repair on Trueview / AutoCAD
  • Running Quickmap as Administrator

This is a known problem with AutoCAD and effects a variety of other software packages that share the same Windows components. There are a number of supporting articles and associated fixes relating to this on the AutoCAD forum:

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