Run-Time Error On Exiting Quickmap

When closing Quickmap you get Run-time error ‘429’ or Run-time error ’13’ – Type mismatch.

There are two main reasons for this to happen.  Both are the result of Qmap.exe and Qcontrol.ocx being from different versions of the software.

The most common cause is when an icon has been manually dragged onto the desktop and the shortcut is pointing to the wrong version of qmap.exe.

Another cause is when you have recently upgraded using the latest upgrade disk, but do not have permission to write to the windows system32 folder. This can result in updating qmap.exe, but not qcontrol.ocx.

  • QControl.OCX Version 5 with QMap.exe Version 6 will cause Run-time error ‘429’
  • QControl.OCX Version 5 with QMap.exe Version 4 will cause Run-time error ’13’  – Type mismatch

To fix the problem insert your latest update disk labelled – Disk 2.  Go to the AutoUpgrade folder, run setup.exe and follow the prompts.

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