Runtime Error 5 & Error – 2147217904 (No Value Given For One Or More Required Parameters) In Procedure GetEditableLayers Of Module ModCommon

When using Quickmap, you get this error:

RunTime Error 5

Followed by this error:

Error – 2147217904 (No value given for one or more required parameters) in procedure GetEditableLayers of Module ModCommon

This is because the current upgrade or a previous failed upgrade resulted in the QEditColumns table only having columns for: TableName  and ColumnString, instead of the required columns. This generates the above error message as when Quickmap tries to access the missing columns.

To fix this:

  1. Backup the existing QMap.mdb.
  2. Replace the QEditColumns Table (C:\Program Files\QuickMap\Data\QMap.mdb) with a correct version of the Table.

❗ Note: In a client-server environment check to make sure the QMap.mdb on the server also has the correct version of this table.

When QuickMap is running correctly, the backed-up QMap.mdb can be deleted.

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