Sales Missing From SalesView

The sales information within SalesView is supplied by the Local Authorities. Under the Local Authorities Act 2004, Local Authorities are informed of property transactions within their area by the property purchasers lawyer.

Usually the sale is lodged with the Local Authority straight away, however in some cases it may not happen for several weeks. Only very rarely would the lawyer wait three months to lodge the sale.

Headway Systems Ltd, who supplies the data for SalesView, has data supply contracts with either the Local Authorities themselves or the organisation hired by the Local Authority to manage the data. Different Local Authorities process this information at different speeds. Some are very fast, some are not. Every two weeks all the recently processed property sale information is electronically sent to Headway Systems, who then turns this into a SalesView update disc and sends it out to you.

 SalesView discs are only sent out every month. So the speed with which you receive new sales information is a factor of:

  • The time it took for the purchasers lawyer to lodge the sale.
  • The speed with which the Local Authority processes the data.
  • Whether the sale was logged just before or just after the 2 weekly transfer of information to Headway System.
  • Whether or not that information was received just prior to a SalesView disc being sent out of just after it.

In some cases a sale may not appear even after a year. To explain this, the information you see on SalesView comes from two different data sources. The cadastral or property parcel information is supplied and updated by LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) and the sales and property details are supplied by the Local Authorities. Much effort has gone into matching these two databases together and nationally approximately 99.8% of the two streams of data can be linked. This means that in 0.2% of cases we will receive property sale information but can not match it to a property on QuickMap. This is why there are a handful of historic sales that do not appear on SalesView.

The % match rate varies around the country but the average for all New Zealand is 99.8%. We are constantly endeavouring to improve this match rate.

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