The Following Required Files Cannot Be Found – Quickmap Air Photos Install Failed

When running V8_ExpansionSetup.exe (AKA QExpansionSetup.exe), you may get this error:

Quickmap Air Photos Install Failed

The following required files cannot be found in the installation folder:
Make sure you run QExpansionSetup.exe from the installation folder.

This is typically because you have run V8_ExpansionSetup to upgrade your version 7 aerial photos to be usable in Quickmap version 8, but:

  • The version 7 aerials aren’t properly installed, files are missing, corrupted or are otherwise unreadable from this directory (such as due to permissions or a network issue)
  • You have not copied the V8_ExpansionSetup to the correct location before running it. It should be run from within the directory specified as the “Image Folder” in the Quickmap Help -> About menu item, and not from within a sub folder of that location
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