Unable To Connect To www.quickmap.co.nz – Title Preview

When trying to view Title Preview in Quickmap, you may get the following error:

Unable to connect to www.quickmap.co.nz

Either the QuickMap Document Ordering Server is
busy/unavailable or you do not have a valid internet connection.

Check that you can get to the internet or try again later.

As the error suggests, Quickmap is unable to contact the Document Ordering Server over the internet. A more technical description would be that Quickmap is unable to connect to www.quickmap.co.nz over port 80, to the Document Ordering Server.

This can be a problem with the Quickmap Document Ordering Server (in which case, the best course of action is to wait a moment, then try again, then contact Quickmap if the problem persists), or a problem at your side.

To troubleshoot this, open an internet browser and see if you can go to www.quickmap.co.nz from the computer. If you cannot, contact your IT provider, as you may have an internet connectivity issue, or a firewall problem.

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