Unable To Log Messages To File C:\qmap.log – Access is Denied

When starting Quickmap you get this error:

Cannot save messages to Log file.

Unable to log messages to file ‘c:\qmap.log’ because Access to the path
is denied.

Error Message is:
Checking for database upgrade.

Options are:
Abort = Exit Quickmap immediatley (Not recommended)
Retry = Retry to save the message
Ignore = Ignore the issue and do not remind me again

This may be followed by other errors, culminating in Quickmap not loading. There are a few potential causes for this error, the most likely of which is that you do not have permission to write to the file. Check that the account you are running Quickmap as (in other words, the account you are logged on as), has access to write to the file.

Another potential cause for this error can be Windows Defender. Specifically Controlled Folder Access, AKA Protected Folders. To check this, Start the Windows Defender Security Center application, click on Virus & threat protection settings then under Controlled folder access, click Allow an app through Controlled folder access, then specify the location of the Quickmap executable (Some versions of Windows will allow you to look at a list of recently blocked applications, which is a great way to confirm whether Windows Defender is causing the issue and simultaneously unblock Quickmap).

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