Unrecognized Database Format In Procedure ShowPlanSearch Of Module ModSurveyPlans

When trying to search for a survey plan, you may get this error:

<blockquote>Error -2147467259 (Unrecognized database format ‘xxxx.mdb’.) in procedure ShowPlanSearch of Module modSurveyPlans</blockquote>

This is because the database (the mdb file specified in the error) has a problem / corruption.

To fix this:

  • If you have Microsoft Access installed, open the mdb file that is specified in the error, and repair the mdb (Tool -> Compact and Repair, or similar, depending on your version of Access).
  • If you have another copy of the Survey Plans, copy the mdb specified in the error from the working copy, overwriting the broken on in the error.
  • Failing the above, contact Quickmap for a working copy of the file.
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