What Is LINZ Topology Class?

When using the Info tool on the Appellation layer, It shows a field called Topology Class. The Topology class is used by LINZ to categorise properties, or rights over properties into the following categories:

   Topology Class Topology Type Description
PRIM Primary Polygonal The parcels which, when they have ‘current’ status, define the extents of fundamental rights of proprietorship. They form the network layer of current parcels that covers New Zealand without gaps or overlaps. Examples are lots, sections, Maori land blocks, roads, railways, rivers, lakes, the sea, etc.
STRA Strata Polygonal A special type of parcel that can be associated with primary parcel intents. They are commonly used for primary parcels but are defined in 3 dimensions and therefor may overlap current primary parcels. In other words, they are parcels that would be primary were it not for the fact that, when they become ‘current’, they violate the ‘no-overlaps’ rule. Examples are bridges and tunnels.
SECO Secondary Polygonal Generally easement parcels. Current parcels in this network may overlap each other and current primary parcels but only in a way so that a current secondary parcel may not overlap more than one current primary parcel.
TERT Tertiary Polygonal Current parcels in this network are similar to the current secondary parcels except that they may overlap more than one current primary parcel. For example, mining parcels, leasehold parcels, etc.
SECL Secondary Centreline Lineal Secondary parcels (typically easements) that are defined by a line rather than a polygon.
TECL Tertiary Centreline Lineal Tertiary parcels (typically easements in gross) that are defined by a line rather than a polygon.
NONE None No topology Parcels which have no topology defined in Landonline. This includes:

flats and units where there is no spatial definition in Landonline, except as depicted on the plan image non-survey defined parcels

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