What Is The Difference Between A Guaranteed Search, Title Search and Historic Title?

Wondering what the difference is between a Guaranteed Search, Title Search and Historic Title? If you don’t know whether to order a Guaranteed Search, Title Search or Historic Title, this article explains the difference between each type of title document.

Here is a summary from that article, showing the differences between the different types of title:

Guaranteed Search

This is a Guaranteed copy of the Title consisting of:

  • The Current Title
  • The Title Diagram (if available)
  • Details of any pending transactions
  • The Title view and Title diagram or the Supplementary Record Sheet if it is a Unit Title

The Guaranteed Title is used when transferring ownership of a property to ensure that there are no transactions about to be lodged against the Title.

Title Search

The Title Search displays:

  • The Computer Register current Title
  • Diagram  – a simple diagram of the deposited plan, usually including area and dimensions of the property.

This document provides details of current ownership and memorials currently registered against the Title. Also includes a diagram (if available). This would be used if a Guaranteed Title was not available – i.e. if the Title has been cancelled, or it is a deed of easement which is not a title type that can have a guarantee.

Historic Title

The Historic Title displays both current and historic information relative to the Title and consists of:

  • The current Title (without diagram)
  • Historic information (listing prior owners and cancelled memorials)
  • A scanned image of the original paper Title (if applicable)

This document is a useful tool for researching prior interests in a property Title.

For a more comprehensive list of the difference between each type of title document, visit this article.

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