What’s The Difference Between An LT Plan, DP Plan And A CSD Plan?

There are a few types of survey plan that you can get from LINZ, these include LT plans, DP plans and now CSD plans. The difference between each type of plan is listed below:

  • LT plans (Land Transfer plans) are created by surveyors, and are plans that have not yet been “deposited”, which is the process of them being signed off and accepted by LINZ.
  • DP plans (Deposited Plans) are LT plans that have been signed off and accepted by LINZ.
  • CSD plans (Cadastral Survey Data plans) are like Deposited Plans, but may contain other information, such as Mark and Observation Reports, Occupation Diagrams, an ‘S’ Sheet, and a ‘T’ Sheet. CSD plans may also reference other data, such as a Requisition Notice, a Response to Requisition Notice, a Survey Report, Territorial Authority (TA) information, a Certificate, Traverse Sheets, Calculation Sheets, Field Notes, Correspondence, and an Area Schedule.

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