August 2022 Update

Custom Software Limited are proud sponsors of Survey and Spatial New Zealand, and our new online application Premise was showcased at the “Turning up the heat” 2022 conference in Rotorua on the 2nd and 3rd of August.

Access to our new online service Premise is free to all existing Quickmap users on monthly updates, and free to all users for the beta test phase. Let us know if you are interested in trialling the new online system.

Premise gives you access to all LINZ data currently in Quickmap, such as parcel boundaries, address, title, owner, marks and survey data. It also includes Council data such as Capital Value, Land Value, Improvements, building details, Land Use, Zoning, Category, and sales history.

It also gives you access to water pipes, storm water pipes and wastewater pipes, which will be available for download in Quickmap next month.

Both Quickmap and Premise give you free access to more Survey Plans than any other provider in New Zealand. This includes both pre and post 300,000 series plans. If you are not using Quickmap Version 8.2 or better, we recommend you upgrade now or subscribe to our new online service Premise.

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