July 2022 Update

Attention Cadastral Surveyors!

It’s been hard keeping this a secret for such a long time, but we are finally ready to announce the upcoming release of our new online product called PREMISE, which has been specifically designed for Cadastral Surveyors. This has been a massive amount of work because it’s been built from the ground up. Building this completely from scratch has given us a chance to create a fresh, modern user interface with features tailored exactly to the requirements of surveyors.

The release of Premise will be scheduled around the Survey And Spatial NZ Annual Conference 2022 (Turning Up The Heat), held on the 1st – 3rd of August in Rotorua. Custom Software Limited is a proud sponsor of Survey and Spatial New Zealand, so we are excited to showcase PREMISE at the conference. This is a special conference because it’s the first surveyors conference in a few years that we are able to physically attend, so we look forward to meeting up with everyone again and hope to see you all there.

Let us know if you’re interested in early access to PREMISE, which is free to all users for the beta test phase. Otherwise, access to PREMISE will be free to all existing Quickmap users on monthly updates after it’s release.

Quickmap Software

The latest Quickmap version 8.4.8219 is now available for download from either the Help -> Software Updates menu in Quickmap 8.2 or above, or http://downloads.quickmap.co.nz/URLDownloadHost/downloads/QmapV8_software, which includes these enhancements:

  • A missing Survey plan hyperlink was added in the vector info panel for Quickmap SurveyView South Island subscribers (Subscribers to North Island / NZ SurveyView will not be affected by this enhancement because you will already have the Survey Plan hyperlink).
  • The Search form (Find button) was prevented from becoming too small. Quickmap allows the search form to be resized, but if the form is resized to a point where nothing can be displayed in the candidate list of searchable items, Quickmap will throw an error.
  • A number of minor enhancements and bug fixes related to Multi-line labels and support log diagnostics
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