Automatic Data Updates – Quickmap Data Download Manager

A feature our boffins have been working on a while has finally been released – the Data Download Manager.

The Data Download Manager is an application that allows you to update Quickmap data either with the click of a button, or automatically on a schedule specified by you. This means that you can quickly and easily download and deploy Quickmap data updates without any user intervention.

As with all our new application releases, we’re looking for people to be part of our beta test program – so contact us if you want to get the benefits of using this new application ahead of everyone else. One of the benefits of getting hold of the Data Download Manager ahead of everyone else (other than not having to do any more manual updates anymore), is the full support of Quickmaps’ developers to ensure that the application works perfectly in your environment, and the opportunity to contribute by giving feedback on the product.

Click the link for more information on installing, configuring and using the Data Download Manager.

See here for a full list of changes in Quickmap 8.

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