Quickmap Data Download Manager Installation & Setup

These instruction describe how to Install and configure the Quickmap data download manager.

The Data Download Manager allows you to setup your server to automatically download data updates when they become available from Custom Software Limited. This works similar to how Windows Updates work, in that you can configure your PC to update automatically, or you can click the Update Now button to update manually.

The Data Download Manager can also be configured to automatically copy data updates internally from your server to any number of other standalone computers within your office.

The Data Download Manager is not installed automatically when Quickmap is installed, but can easily be installed by running DataDownloadServiceSetup.msi which can be found in the Quickmap data folder after you have installed Quickmap Version 8.2 or better.

Install Instructions

If you have not installed the latest version of Quickmap, you should do this first by downloading it from:


❗ Note: Quickmap Version 8.2 or above is a prerequisite of the Data Download Manager software.

To install the Data Download Manager:

  1. Install Quickmap v8.2 or better, as this is  required prerequisite of the Data Download Manager software.
  2. Double click on DataDownloadServiceSetup.msi from the Quickmap data folder.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Tick the box to accept the EULA then click Next.
  5. Click Next once you are happy with the install location.
  6. If this Data Download Manager will be getting it’s data directly from Quickmap, select Quickmap Data Server and enter the license provided to you (This is not the same as your Quickmap software license. If you don’t have a license, please contact us).
    Alternatively, if this Data Download Manager will be getting its data from a location on your network, select Local Server and specify the network location of a Data Directory that you would like this installation of the Data Download Manager to get the data from.
  7. Click Next once you’ve selected the Data Download Source in step 6.
  8. Select the folder to download the data updates to.
    ❗ Note: This folder is only a temporary location to store the updates while they’re being downloaded. This folder should therefore not be the same as your Data Directory (which, incidentally, is specified below the download location text box).
    ❗ Note: The Quickmap Data Directory will be greyed out, as this value is pulled from the location known to the Quickmap installation on your computer.
  9. Finally, click the Install, then Finish button to complete the installation.
    ❗ Note: Quickmap Data Download Manager must now be configured before it will be able to download updates.

Configuring Data Download Manager

The Data Download Manager can be used to automate the download and install of Quickmap data, or perform manual downloads and installations. If you do not wish to automate downloads and installs, but just want to quickly download and install an update, or even roll back an update (up to 2 previous versions are stored), you can do that using the Data Download Manager.

To download and install an ad hoc data update, click the Check Now button. That’s it! The Download Manager will automatically install any available new update it finds.

To configure automatic updates, tick the Install data updates automatically tick box, and set the time to start the download off (Preferred Install Time). That’s it! The Download Manager can be closed, and will come to life each day at the time you specified, automatically downloading then installing updates.

❗ Note: You may wish to schedule this at night time so it has the smallest impact to users.

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