COVID-19 Update

With all the news about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and worry around the continued availability of products and services, the Quickmap team want to take this opportunity to allay any concerns that this would affect our service to you.

Quickmap has disaster recovery plans specifically to cover any impact to the business, including quarantining staff that have come in contact with the virus or show signs of sickness, remote access for staff to work effectively from home, automation of services, and key staff risks, etc. There should be no change to our service in the event of a larger COVID-19 outbreak in New Zealand.

Working From Home With Quickmap

As part of ensuring that we are able to continue to supply you with access to Quickmap services, we want to help you with your remote access solution. Since not everyone’s environment is set up for remote access, we are offering complementary logins to Prover for Quickmap customers during this pandemic, until the 30th of June 2020.

If you are not familiar with Prover, it is a web based product that can be used on any internet enabled device. It displays up to date property data (managed by us), including but not limited to:

  • Free survey plans
  • Survey mark and vector data
  • Free title preview and document ordering
  • Orthographically correct aerial photography

See these links for more information on Prover: and or contact us to get your free copy.

We wish you, your loved ones, and your business the best of health over this period. Stay safe.

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