Remote Access And Quickmap

There are a number of different remote access solutions available to choose from. This article discusses a few of those remote access solutions and which works best with Quickmap.

TLDR: In short, Quickmap works best with the client and data located on the same physical network. Installing the client on a remote computer and setting it up to access Quickmap data over a network will likely result in performance issues.

The best remote access solution for Quickmap is one where the data is located on the same physical network as the client. In other words, if you have the client installed on a remote computer and it is accessing data back in the office, this will likely be slow. Given this, here is a list of remote access solutions and a summary of their appropriateness for use with Quickmap.

Remote Access Solutions

Microsoft Direct Access – See VPNs.

Remote Control Software – Software such as AnyDesk, TeamViewer, GoToAssist, Logmein, etc. allow you to run Quickmap on the office PC and access it from a remote location. This requires a PC in the office which cannot be concurrently used by someone else in the office while it’s being used remotely. Also people in the office will be able to see your screen (assuming the computer isn’t locked away in a private office, perhaps without a screen).

Terminal Server / Citrix – This is the preferred solution because the Quickmap client can be on the same computer or same geographic network as the data. If you do not currently have a terminal server, this can be an expensive option. This can be deployed as a Published App or a Published Desktop.

Terminal Server Virtual Desktop – See Terminal Server / Citrix.

VMware View / VMware Horizon – See Terminal Server Virtual Desktop.

VPNs – A VPN can be used to secure access to a terminal server with the Quickmap client installed on it, but installing the Quickmap client on the remote PC which accesses its data over the VPN might be slow. If you were replicating the data across the VPN to a local directory (perhaps using scripts, Branch Cache, Dropbox or something else), this would be faster but replication is unreliable if the data is being updated in multiple locations, so this would only be appropriate if the remote copy of Quickmap is accessing a read only copy of the data.

Prover – While Prover is not a remote access solution, it is an alternative to using Quickmap which enables you to access property data from any internet enabled device. If you are a Quickmap user, you may have a free Prover license – contact Quickmap to find out.

Would you like to know more about the appropriateness of other remote access solutions that aren’t on this list? Get in touch with us.

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