Data Updates Via CD During COVID19 Lockdown

Whilst all services provided by Custom Software Limited will continue to operate as normal during the COVID-19 lockdown, for your safety there will be an exception to this, which is the provision of data updates via CD-ROM.

During this period, we recommend you consider moving to our data download service to receive data updates. Please email if you would like to be sent a link for the download. While the lockdown is in force this month, the download is also available to all clients receiving updates by CD (regardless of whether or not you would normally receive an update this month).

Working From Home With Quickmap

You can also contact us for additional free Quickmap licenses to enable working from home and / or we can give you access to our online service Prover while the lockdown is in force.

If you are not familiar with Prover, it is a web based product that provides most Quickmap data and can be accessed using your Web Browser. It displays up to date property data (managed by us), including but not limited to:

  • Legal Property data (Title Preview, Boundaries, Owners, Address etc)
  • Topographical data (Contours, vegetation, place names etc)
  • Aerial photography (Recent High resolution aerial photography across NZ)
  • Survey data (Scanned survey plans, marks and vector data)

See these links for more information on Prover: and or contact us to get your free copy.

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