December 2022 Update

This update includes a number of enhancements to Quickmap, Premise and Prover and our Christmas opening hours.


The following enhancements are available in the latest release of Quickmap:

  • Water Pipes, Stormwater Pipes and Wastewater Pipes layers are now available for download in Quickmap by selecting Downloads from the Quickmap tools menu. This download requires Quickmap version 8.4.8376 or better. You can update to the latest version of Quickmap by selecting Software Updates from the Help menu, or download it from:

    Note: The new pipes layers will not display in Quickmap unless you have updated to the latest version.

  • This release includes a number of minor bug fixes, which includes fixing the owner search. In previous releases, the owner search sometimes failed due to an unhandled macron in the owner search.
  • The Preview Image checkbox now defaults to true when you view Survey Plans by clicking the Plans button in Quickmap.


The following enhancements are available in the latest release of Premise:

  • A KML Export option has been added. Files downloaded in KML format can be viewed in applications such as Google Earth.
  • The speed of drawing the following layers has been improved: Contours, Local Council, Regional Council, Meridional Circuit and Land District.
  • You can now remove the map highlight of Local Council, Regional Council, Meridional Circuit and Land District by clicking them a second time.
  • Survey observations for any given plan highlighted by clicking on View Observations in the side panel can be deselected by clicking View Observations a second time
  • The readability of the map has been improved when the appellation layer is visible. If the appellation label is too long to be displayed on the map, it truncates the label and displays “…” at some map scales.


Most Premise functionality has now been added to Prover.

The biggest change is that clicking on any feature on the Map now automatically displays information about that feature. For example, if you click on a parcel on the map, it will display details about that Parcel and Property. If you click on a pipe, it will display details about the pipe.

Christmas Opening Hours

Custom Software will be close for business from Friday 12:00 pm 23rd December 2022, and will reopen Wednesday 4th January 2023. Documents Ordered over this period will not be delivered until Wednesday 4th January 2023.

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