November 2022 Update


Premise was promoted from beta to GA (General Availability) last month.

All the data we provide to the Quickmap application is now available online via Premise. This includes Council District Valuation Roll (DVR) and Sales history, Aerials and Survey Plans.

Council DVR available in Premise includes this information:

  • Capital Value
  • Land Value
  • Improvements
  • Land Area for the property (made up of one or more LINZ parcels/titles)
  • Building floor area
  • Building age
  • Property Zoning (Residential, Commercial, Rural etc.)
  • Building construction
  • Property Category

These new layers have been added to premise over the past month:

  • Contours – LINZ 20m contours
  • Land District boundaries
  • Local Council boundaries
  • Regional Council boundaries
  • Meridional Circuit boundaries

The toolbar on the right-hand side of the Premise map now includes these new icons:

  • Layers – allows you to quickly swap between sitemap, aerials and Topo50 layers
  • Previous extents – Allows you to quickly return to your previous location on the map

The vector layer now displays the latest observed bearing and distance rather than the calculated bearing and distance based on the LINZ authoritative coordinates.

The speed at which the map is drawn has been improved, and whereas we think the map draw speed is currently pretty good, we are working on making it even faster.

Access to our new online service Premise is free for up to 6 users if you are on Quickmap monthly updates. Additional users are $65.00 per annum.

Coming Up

Premise enhancements will continue to be added at the same high speed we have delivered enhancements this year, with a focus on adding more data, and we welcome your feedback on what data will make it easier for you to do your job.

We expected Premise Storm Pipes, Waste Pipes, and Water Pipes to be available for download in Quickmap next month, and apologize for the delay in making this download available.

Prover users can expect Premise data and functionality to be available within the next couple of months.

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