Downloads Are Not Currently Available. Server Response: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

When updating Quickmap data with QDownloader, you may get this error:

Downloads are not currently available. Server response: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized

❗ This error is not to be confused with the error: Downloads Are Not Currently Available.

This is because you have reached the maximum number of downloads for your company. If you have not already downloaded Quickmap data, it is likely that someone else in your organisation is sharing (and has already used) your QDownloader.

To fix this, please contact Quickmap to either purchase additional downloads or use the Data Download Manager which can be used to share downloaded data throughout your organisation, requiring only one download.

Addendum: This can also occur if you are running QDownloader.exe is run from a shared network drive, and the executable has been flagged as blocked after it’s downloaded. To fix this, right click the file and click Properties, then (at the very bottom of the General tab) there will be a tickbox that says Unblock. Tick this and click Apply. If the Unblock tickbox is missing (and you only have a Read-only and Hidden tickbox) then you need not do this step.

Addendum: This can also occur if you are using an old copy of the QDownloader.exe (from a previous month’s downloads, for example). Please ensure that you are using the most recent QDownloader that has been given to you by Quickmap, and not an old copy that may still be sitting in your internet browser’s Downloads directory.

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