Error During Download In Quickmap Data Download Manager

When trying to download Quickmap data, using the Quickmap Data Download Manager, you may get this error:

Starting BITS Transfer…
Initial state=Suspended
Error during Download
Data updates were unsuccessful.

This occurs because the Quickmap Data Download Manager is trying to download data over the BITS service, which is also used by the Microsoft Update service, which currently has reached the maximum number of updates in it’s download queue; hence the reason this typically occurs with a new PC because there are a lot of updates required. Please be aware that even though you have installed all the updates and Windows Update states that there are no more updates, there may be updates pending a version update or reboot.

To fix this, install all the Windows Updates (which can be found from your Control Panel), reboot the PC and check for more updates. Repeat until there are no more updates available. Please ensure that there are no version updates to Windows available, which can be found just below the option to Check For Updates. After installing a version update, you will need to reboot, then check for more updates.

Addendum: We have since made a new service available that downloads using the WCF protocol instead of Microsoft BITS (which is used by Windows Update). This fixes the above problem. To start using this, please contact us to get the new client and so we can change you to use WCF.

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