Exceeded License Count (0 Concurrent Users) – Quickmap Not Authorised!

When you start Quickmap, you may get the following error that prevents you from registering Quickmap:

Quickmap Not Authorised!

Exceeded license count (0 concurrent users).

This error indicates that Quickmap is not registered. Re-registering Quickmap will fix this.

If you are unable to re-register Quickmap because Quickmap closes after you click the OK button, you are probably using Quickmap v8.7307 or prior. This is now fixed in Quickmap v8.3.7339.

If you are unable to re-register:

  1. Upgrade Quickmap to the latest version (which you can download from http://downloads.quickmap.co.nz/URLDownloadHost/downloads/QmapV8_software)
  2. Then register Quickmap.
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