How To Search For Historic Owners In Quickmap

There are two ways to search for Historic Owners in Quickmap.

Existing functionality in Quickmap allows historic titles to be viewed by selecting My Document Ordering from the Tools menu, clicking the ADVANCED button, then searching for the title to display a title preview. The Historic Title can be viewed by clicking the HISTORIC button in the Title Preview form.

However, there is now a free layer available to download which contains Historic Owner data that can be searched or viewed as a layer. To get this dataset, click Tools -> Downloads within the Quickmap program, and download the Historic Owners expansion. Once downloaded, install the Historic Owners expansion, then restart Quickmap to get the new data. Once downloaded and installed, to view all historic owners for any given property, use the Info button to select the property from the Historic Owners layer (which can be found in the Legal folder) to report Title, Title Share, Historic Owner, and whether or not the owner is Corporate or Private. You can also search using the Find tool.

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