Failed To Create Download Job

When trying to install Quickmap data, you may get this error:

Quickmap Data Setup Failed

Failed to create download job. Job count for the current user has exceeded the per user job limit.

This occurs because there are too many BITS download requests in the queue. BITS is a Windows service, which is used by download software, such as Windows Update and Quickmap Data Setup.

To fix this, ensure that you have installed all Windows Updates (including any service, feature packs and versions) then reboot your computer. If you are still experiencing the Failed to create download job error after doing this, please contact Quickmap for a version of the Quickmap Data Setup that doesn’t use the BITS service protocol.

Addendum: We have since made a new service available that downloads using the WCF protocol instead of Microsoft BITS (which is used by Windows Update). This fixes the above problem. To start using this, please contact us to get the new client and so we can change you to use WCF.

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