How To Copy All The Attributes Of One Quickmap Layer Into Another?

The Prerequisites for this are:

  • Microsoft Access: If your version of Microsoft Access is 2007 or greater, the Quickmap database must be 2003 format, which is supported by both Quickmap and Microsoft Access 2007+. 
  • A known relationship between your two tables: If the relationship between your two tables was created in step 1) above, this table will need to be imported in MsAccess.

Attribute information in any Quickmap layer created by you will be stored in a Microsoft Access table by default. The location of the MsAccess database can be seen in Quickmap by right mouse clicking on the layer name in the layer control tool, and selecting Layer Properties. This example will describe how to copy attributes from MyPoints layer to MyParcel layer using the relationship created in step 1.d) above.

  1. Open the MsAccess database. e.g. C:\QMap\Data\MyLayers.mdb
  2. Import the text file using the Microsoft Access Import wizard. Call this table MyJoin and name the MyParcel ID column Parcel_Id and the MyPoints Id column Point_Id
  3. Edit the MyParcels table, and create any columns that exist in your MyPoints table, that you wish to copy to the MyParcels layer (e.g. Job, Owner, Notes)
  4. Run the following SQL statement in Microsoft Access to copy your data from MyPoints to MyParcels using the MyJoin table:UPDATE MyPoints, MyParcels, MyJoin
    SET MyParcels.Job = MyPoints.Job, MyParcels.Owner = MyPoints.Owner, MyParcels.Notes = MyPoints.Notes
    WHERE MyPoints.Id = MyJoin.point_id AND MyParcels.Id = MyJoin.Parcel_Id
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