How To Create A Layer Of LINZ Parcels (Polygons) From A Layer Of Point Features In Quickmap

The Quickmap “Points” layer in this example will be called MyPoints. If this layer does not already exist, it can be created by  selecting File- > New Layer off the menu, and the importing points into this layer. You can also manually add new points in Quickmap into your MyPoints layer by clicking on the “Add” button.

The “Point” layer can be used to create a parcel (polygon) layer in Quickmap by reporting all features in your MyPoints layer, then copying them to your Parcel (Polygon) layer. To do this, you must first create a parcel (polygon) layer in Quickmap which can be used to copy.

Create a new layer in Quickmap for your Parcel (polygon) features by selecting File -> New Layer from the menu. For this example, we will call the layer MyParcels. This is the layer that you will copy the LINZ parcels into, based on your point features.

Press CTRL/R in Quickmap to bring up the report dialog box

Select “Parcel” layer under Report Records from Layer, and “MyPoints” under the Any Record from pull down list box, then click the “Run Report” button. The next dialog box displayed after clicking the “Run Report” button will ask you to select the fields you want to report from the Parcel and your MyParcels layer. Select Id from the Parcel table and a unique identifier from MyPoints table (e.g. Id).

After the report has finished, the parcels will be highlighted on the map. Right mouse click on the map, and select “Copy Selected Objects to…” from the menu. This will display a list of layers that the highlighted parcels can be copied to. Choose your MyParcels layer.

This will copy all the LINZ Parcels that intersect each of your points in the MyPoints layer into your MyParcels layer.

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