How To Copy Data From One Layer Into Another

Sometimes you might want to copy data from one layer and insert it into another layer. An example of this might be if you have a “Jobs” layer that’s stored in your “Edit” layer – you might want to store this in a separate layer so you can either make that layer uneditable (static content), share it with other users in the office, or perhaps have it in a different layer so you don’t lose the data if you need to clear the “Edit” layer. Whatever the reasons, this article shows you how to copy data from one layer into another layer.

This example shows how to swap data from the Edit layer into a new layer called job_layer.

  1. Before you start, we recommend that you backup your Edit layer.
  2. Create layer in new database > navigate to \\Server\Qmap\Data\ and add a file named Jobs.mdb
  3. Add a name to table name called job_layer
  4. Click Add Layer
  5. Now that you’ve created a new layer, click on Top (which is the little round icon with the picture of NZ, located on the top tool bar)
  6. Turn all layers off with the AllOff button at the top of the Layers list
  7. Turn on ONLY the Edit layer (so you will ONLY be seeing just your Job numbers)
  8. Click File -> Export and follow the instructions to export as a SHP file (click SHP, specify a file location and click OK)
  9. Now that you’ve exported your Edit layer to the SHP file, you need to import it into the new job_layer. To do this click File -> Import, then select SHP and specify the location of the file that you just exported. Set the GP to the style you want (252 if you don’t know what to use), then click OK
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