How To Update Quickmap Data (Simplified Version)

The full instructions on how to update Quickmap data can be found here, these instructions cover the different behavior of every version of Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac. If you are after a more simplified version of these instructions (colloquially known as “Jude’s Cheat’s Method”), these are listed below. It’s worth noting that these will work on 99% of Windows computers, which is why for most folk we give the full instructions mentioned earlier.

Updating Quickmap Data Using Jude’s Cheat’s Method

  1. Exit Quickmap
  2. If the update is being applied to a shared network drive, copy the attached qmap.lck into the Quickmap data folder to force network users out of Quickmap before applying the download.
  3. Download the property data update by pasting the URL into your web browser
  4. Copy the downloaded un-extracted Zip folder onto a shared drive (or onto a USB drive for all stand alone users to access and copy, as below)
  5. Double click on the ZIP folder (alternatively right click then click ‘show in folder‘ or ‘open‘ – you do not need to extract it)
  6. Once you’ve opened the zip folder, press Ctrl+A to select all the files
  7. Once all the files are selected, press Ctrl+C to copy the files (you won’t see anything happen at this stage)
  8. Next navigate to your Qmap data folder location (typically C:\Qmap\ for standalone installations, or your network drive [such as M:\QmapShare] for networked installation with shared data), then right click on (or in) the Data folder and click Paste to copy all the files from the zip into the Data folder.
    ❗ If you are asked to merge the folders, tick the box to Do this for all current items, and click Yes
    ❗ If you are informed that there is already a file with the same name in that location, tick the box to Do this for the next x conflicts, then click the Copy and Replace option
  9. After the update has been applied please remember to remove the qmap.lck file from the Quickmap data folder, if this file was used to force network users out of Quickmap
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