How To Remove Data From Edit Layer

There are four ways to get rid of data from the Edit Layer.

  • Right click on the edit layer in the layer control tool, and select “Delete features in this layer”.
  • You can delete the data one feature at a time like this:
    1. Make “Edit Layer” the active layer by clicking on the Custom Tab followed by the Radio (round) button next to the “Edit Layer”
    2. Make the Edit Layer visible by putting a tick in the Edit Layer check (square) box.
    3. Click on the I Inf button (next to the Pan button)
    4. Click on the largest polygon displayed in the edit layer on map display. This will highlight it.
    5. Press the Delete key.
  • You can delete all the data by opening QMap\Data\Custom.MDB using Microsoft access, highlighting all the data in the table edit_layer and choose delete off the menu.
    You could copy custom.MDB off the install disk, and replace the one on your hard disk drive. 
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