Unable To Find Imported Data (Features: Lines, Polygons & Way Points)

Features such as way points are imported into the “edit layer” by default, unless you chose another layer to import into. To view all data in the edit layer you can zoom to where the data is by:

  1. Making sure the Edit Layer (under the Custom Tab) is active (has a tick in the visibility check box)
  2. Right-mouse click on Edit Layer and select “Zoom to Layer Extents”

This will zoom Quickmap to the best scale and location for viewing all data in the edit layer. Turn the edit layer on by selecting on the Edit Layer visibility check box (tick the square) under the Custom tab. If you still cannot see your data, you may need to zoom out a fraction more.  Otherwise try selecting it with the info tool.  After you have selected a feature using the info tool, you can change it’s appearance by selecting Tools -> Symbology -> Edit.

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