How To Share The Edit Layer In A Client-Server Installation

If you were to set up a terminal server in Quickmap 7, for example, any changes done to the Edit Layer would be shared among all users, along with any other settings changed. Quickmap 8 fixed that by storing user’s edit layer and settings in their personal directory… But what if you wanted to share your Edit Layer and settings changes with all users? Well, there are two options for this:

Option 1: Sharing Your Edit Layer And Settings With All (Or Some) Users

By default, Quickmap 8 stores the Edit Layer and settings in %userprofile%\Quickmap\Data. However, if you delete (or rename) the folder called PrivateMDB in your Data Directory and put a copy of those files in the Data Directory, then delete all the files in %userprofile%\Quickmap\Data for each user that you wish to share the Edit Layer and settings with, Quickmap 8 (once restarted) will use the central copy of the Edit Layer and settings. Users that still have these files in their %userprofile%\Quickmap\Data directory will not be sharing the central copy of the files.

Option 2: Sharing Other Layers With All (Or Some) Users

If you don’t want to share the Edit Layer and settings, you can share some layers by creating a layer in a new database, which is stored in a shared location. Other users wishing to share layers created in that database can simply create a new layer, then choose to add a layer from an existing database.

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