Layers Missing After Installing Quickmap Version 8

When installing or upgrading to Quickmap version 8, if you find that layers are missing don’t panic – this is the fix.


But first, a little information to help understand the problem. Quickmap version 8 stores layers in a different way to version 7. When you create a layer in version 7, the layer is stored on your PC in C:\QMap\Data\QMap.mdb. This was a problem when people use version 7 on a terminal server because when someone changed a layer or other settings, it would change these for all users, which wasn’t preferable for all companies. Quickmap version 8 fixed this by storing these layers and settings in the users profile directory (C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Quickmap\Data\).

When you install Quickmap version 8, if there are existing files on the computer from a version 7 installation, these are reformatted to version 8 format and copied from C:\QMap\Data\QMap.mdb (or the PrivateMDB folder in your data directory, if C:\QMap\Data\QMap.mdb doesn’t exist) to the users directory C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Quickmap\Data\.

When you start Quickmap version 8, it checks C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Quickmap\Data\Quickmap.mdb (or QMap.mdb if Quickmap.mdb doesn’t exist).

Given this, there are two scenarios that can cause layers to be missing from a Quickmap version 8 install. Either installing Quickmap 8 on a new PC means that Quickmap can’t see any layers on the PC to copy across, or an issue during an upgrade from version 7 to version 8 causes the files not to be detected and converted.

The Fix

Both types of problem can be fixed by importing the missing layers from the database in which they reside. Alternatively you can:

  1. (Only do this step if you are installing Quickmap 8 on a computer without a previous Quickmap 7 installed) Find a PC with Quickmap 7 on it, and upgrade that. This will format and copy the necessary files into the Data Directory on your server for use on other machines.
  2. Rename the 5 mdb files in C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Quickmap\Data\ on the computer with missing layers. (If you can’t find this directory, navigate to %userprofile%\Quickmap\Data). They need renaming to something different (anything), so that when Quickmap is started, it’s unable to find them and copies them from the [QMapdir]\Data\ or [Datadir]\PrivateMDB\ if the former doesn’t exist.
  3. Restart Quickmap.
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