January 2021 Update

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great Christmas break.

What an extraordinary year 2020 was.

Needless to say, New Zealand did quite well navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic compared to the rest of the world and we are optimistic the threat will decrease significantly with a vaccine being rolled out globally in 2021.

A positive side-effect of COVID-19 for Custom Software is that most of us now work from home one day a week, which has improved productivity.

We are excited about all the new developments Custom Software has planned for this year, for both Quickmap and our online website Prover (www.prover.co.nz).

Quickmap Enhancements

The latest Quickmap Version 8.4.7646 is freely available for download from: http://downloads.quickmap.co.nz/URLDownloadHost/downloads/QmapV8_software

Some of the more significant enhancements made to Quickmap in 2020 include:

  • Free access to Survey Plans online, which includes many post 300,000 series plans.
  • Web browser access to Quickmap data online from your phone, tablet or PC. Prover is available at prover.co.nz and is complimentary for most Quickmap subscribers.
  • Faster map drawing speed.
  • Additional Quickmap layers such as Building outlines, Historic Owner search and Council Zone maps. For more information, visit http://downloads.quickmap.co.nz/URLDownloadHost/FreeDownloads/
  • Preview historical titles by clicking the Find button, then clicking the Title Preview tab.

Did you know that you can check the date of the data you are running from the “Date of Property Data” option in the Quickmap “Help” menu?

You can also have your data updates installed automatically with our Data Download Manager. If you are interested, please contact us to set this up for you.

We have a lot of exciting enhancements lined up for 2021, and welcome any suggestions on how we can improve both Quickmap and Prover.

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