Quickmap Could Not Find Required Topographical Data | Quickmap Is Unlicensed

After starting Quickmap, you may get this error:

Quickmap: Unexpected Error Encountered

Quickmap could not find required Topographical data in
C:\Qmap\Topo and cannot continue. e.g. file
C:\Qmap\Top\nz.lvl could not be found.

Please use the ‘Help/Support Log’ menu option to create a
support request and email the Quickmap Support Team..

More information is available in the Quickmap logs. Please
report this to support@quickmap.co.nz

In addition to this, despite registering Quickmap you might get a message in the status bar saying:

Quickmap is unlicensed

Both of these issues are because Quickmap cannot access the Quickmap data. This might be because the data is not installed, is corrupted, is installed to a different location, or because there is a network or permission problem preventing access to the data.

To fix this, try reinstalling the data or troubleshooting network / permission issues.

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