March 2021 Update

The number of survey plans available for free in Quickmap and Prover (our online system) is growing daily, but what’s more interesting is that we now have plans that are not available anywhere else. The Quickmap community have been feverishly uploading their own plans which means that:

  • We have amassed multiple versions of the same plan, giving our users access to plans with different versions of the same information and giving you the opportunity to find the plan that has the best image quality (which may not necessarily be the latest plan available from LINZ).
  • We have LT plans that are not yet (and may never) be available through LINZ.

To support this, the latest version of Quickmap has a checkbox to Show all revisions (checked by default) which you can deselect to only show the latest survey plan if you prefer a simplified view. You can also order the list of survey plans by clicking on the Revision Date column.

If you would like to make your survey plans available in Quickmap, you can either copy them onto a USB Hard disk drive we can send you, or you can upload them from Quickmap version 8.4.7577 or above (the latest version of Quickmap is 8.4.7735).

Other enhancements include:

  • The z-coordinate (Height) can now be exported in shape format from Quickmap.
  • The Preview Image checkbox on the Survey Plan search window is now remembered between sessions.
  • When ordering a plan through Quickmap’s document ordering system there is now a prompt for the plan type if it has not been entered. This avoids the confusing message Document may not be valid if no plan type has been entered.
  • A menu item was added (Tools->Options->Survey Plan->Location) to point Quickmap at the folder location of locally installed survey plans.
  • A bug was fixed that prevented importing of some shape files.
  • A bug was fixed that caused Quickmap to crash sometimes a few seconds after opening.
  • A bug was fixed that caused the error “Undefined function ‘nan’ in expression.”.

If you don’t have it already, the latest Quickmap Version 8.4.7735 is freely available for download from:

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