How To Migrate Quickmap 7 To A New Terminal Server

Here are the steps required to migrate Quickmap from one terminal server to a new one. In this article we will be also upgrading the old Quickmap version 7 to the new Version 8 software as part of the migration.

  1. The first step is to install Quickmap 8 on the old terminal server.
  2. Once installed, start Quickmap 8 (from any user’s account).
    This will copy the existing layers, themes, settings, etc. to the user’s Documents folder (%USERPROFILE%\documents\Quickmap\Data)
  3. Copy the contents of the user’s documents folder (%USERPROFILE%\documents\Quickmap\Data) to the data directory, replacing the existing files (which should be Base.mdb, Custom.mdb, QMap.mdb, QMapData.mdb and a Scratch folder).
    This ensures that other users get the existing layers, themes, settings and associated data when they log onto Quickmap on the new server.
    If the data directory resides on the terminal server, you will need to move the data directory to another machine.
  4. On the new server, run the Quickmap install from the data directory (the install in step 1 should have created a QSetup.exe file in the root of the data directory). This installer knows where the data directory is, and should have the correct default settings for the install.
  5. Once Quickmap is installed, run Quickmap then register by pressing F12 and completing the registration process.
    Note: You will need to get a new key because your old version 7 license won’t work in Quickmap 8. There is no additional charge to upgrade from Quickmap 7 to 8, it’s just that the old style key won’t work.
  6. Finally, if you have any other files (databases for new layers that you created) that are stored on the old terminal server (which is unlikely as users probably don’t have permissions to store files that, and your user profiles are likely set to be roaming), then any such files will need to be moved to a shared location and set up correctly on the new terminal server.
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