October 2020 Update – Free Survey Plans

The latest Quickmap Version 8.3.7555 is freely available for download from:


Quickmap 8.4.7577 Beta

Our developers have been working hard on this new version of Quickmap, and we are proud to make a beta version available to early adopters.

Quickmap Version 8.4.7577 Beta offers the following new features:

  • Survey Plans are now available free online, and it is not necessary to purchase the Survey Plan Expansion Pack. Quickmap will still use the Expansion Pack if it has been purchased already, but also offers access to new plans online.
    To confirm you have access to online images after installing version 8.4, search for Survey Plan South Auckland plan DP 455586. If you can’t find it, contact Quickmap to get this enabled for free.
  • You can upload survey plans for easy access from within Quickmap. When clicking the Upload button in the window displayed after you click the Plans button on the toolbar, the plan is saved and made available to you and all other users to view within Quickmap.

If you have a lot of plans saved that you would like uploaded, we can upload them for you at no cost. This includes supplying you a USB Hard Disk drive to copy the saved plans onto.

Plans ordered through Quickmap’s document ordering system are also added weekly.

  • The online plans include over 113,000 additional survey plan images that are not available in the Survey Plan Expansion Pack. These additional plans include Post 300,000 series plans, and many pre 300,000 series plans that have been rescanned in colour, or rescanned after the plan has been updated by LINZ
  • Multi-page plans can be previewed on a sheet by sheet basis from the form displayed when you click the Plans button on the toolbar.
  • Plans can be viewed in PDF, PNG, TIF and JPG formats.

Early adopters can download Quickmap Version 8.4 beta from:


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