Persistent Transient Error: HTTP Status 503: The Service Is Temporarily Overloaded

When trying to install Quickmap or Quickmap data, you may get this error:

Quickmap Data Setup Failed

Persistent transient error: HTTP status 503: The service is
temporarily overloaded.

When you run the Quickmap installer or Quickmap Data installer, it connects back to Quickmap’s website and downloads more required data for the install. This Persistent transient error happens if the installer is unable to communicate correctly with the Quickmap website. This can be due to a filewall or other policy blocking the connection, a bad internet connection or a fault at Quickmap’s website.

To fix this, check the firewall isn’t blocking any ports used by Quickmap and check that your internet connection is reliable (which you can do by running ping -t in the command prompt and checking for dropped packets). You may also wish to contact Quickmap to check if there’s a problem with the website (we can test this to confirm whether there’s a problem or not).

Failing all of the above, we can set up a download that isn’t a bootstrap installer (i.e. doesn’t do an additional download and includes all required data in the one installer) – though this isn’t recommended because without the root of the problem being fixed, you will likely have trouble in future (such as not being able to automate downloads or having more manual install processes).

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