Quickmap Data

Data provided with Quickmap® Enterprise includes;.

  • LINZ Parcel – Title Preview, Owner, Legal Description, Area, Statutes, property type, topology class, derived boundary bearings and distances, Address, Legal road, Legal river
  • Document Ordering – Order Copies of Legal Documents such as Gauranteed Title and Survey Plans faster than cheaper than before
  • Valuation Reference – The Valuation Reference, Capital Value, Land Value and Council address is updated monthly. Additional Council property and sales data can be added to Quickmap with Quickmap Salesview
  • Geodetic – Geodetic survey marks down to 5th order
  • School Zones – New Zealand schools and their school zones. 
  • Topographical – Vector and raster format data based on the LINZ 1:50,000 map series.
  • Hill Shading – Separate high quality raster hill shading layer (unique to QuickMap) combined with vector data means your map looks good at any scale – unlike other raster based products
  • Survey Plans – Pre-LandOnline survey plans, survey plan reference, survey date, Plan Description
  • Statutory – Statutory Meshblocks, Area Units with stastical data on population, income etc.
  • General Boundary – Local and Regional Council (including census information), Land District, Community Boards, Maori and General Electorate boundaries together with the NZMS 260 and NZTM map series
  • Valuation Roll Boundaries – Roll boundaries provide a grouping of similar properties for valuation purposes