Quickmap Version 8 (Beta) Q&A

Since announcing the availability of Quickmap Version 8 beta on the 4th of July, we have had a good uptake on the beta testing but still have a few spaces left. So please contact us if you would like to participate in our beta test program. You can run both the older version 7 Quickmap and the new Version 8 beta on the same computer, and we recommend you do not uninstall the older version 7 Quickmap until AFTER you are fully satisfied with Version 8.

What’s New In Quickmap Version 8?

  1. Version 8 is a pre-requisite for our new online data update services. When V8 has completed beta testing, we will release our new data update services that will automatically provide data updates, similar to how programs such as antivirus and Dropbox work.
  2. Quickmap generally has a newer and fresher look without changing how Quickmap works. There are various cosmetic improvements such as better layout of the Info window, access to all buttons on the toolbar if the Quickmap has been resized to a window too small to display all the buttons, and the My Default layer under the themes menu has improved symbology.
  3. Version 8 has better support for terminal servers. The main changes in this regard are:
    1. Quickmap is now installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Custom Software Limited\Quickmap
    2. Database QMap.mdb used to determine which layers to display (e.g. a Job layer you have added yourself), how the map looks (symbology) and personal themes are no longer shared for all users on the computer. Typically the shared database for version 7 was located in C:\Qmap\Data\QMap.mdb. This database is now located in each users documents folder (%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Quickmap\Data\Quickmap.mdb). When Version 8 is run for the first time, it will copy the shared version (e.g. C:\Qmap\Data\QMap.mdb) to the users documents folder, and adds a few cosmetic changes to Quickmap.mdb.
    3. Setup information is now written to different locations in the registry.
  4. Schools, Meshblocks and area units have been updated.
  5. The reporting functionality now generates CSV files that are more compatible with more recent versions of Excel.
  6. A new Repair Quickmap option has been added to the Tools->Diagnose/Repair menu that allows you to remove references to layers you have added for database(s) that no longer exists. This can have a significant impact on the speed at which Quickmap opens if you have added a layer that references a server or database on a network drive that no longer exists. Quickmap can wait up as much as 30 seconds to a minute per non-existent layer/database when you open Quickmap.

Do I Need To Uninstall Quickmap Version 7?

If you already have Version 7 of Quickmap installed, we recommend you do not uninstall Version 7 before installing Version 8. This will allow you to continue to use Version 7 if there are any problems in the beta release, and also allows the Version 8 installer to port all your layers over from Version 7. Quickmap Version 7 and Version 8 will both happily share the common location for your data (e.g. \\server\Qmap\Data).

We Are On A Network, So Would It Require All Users To Use It Or Just Selected Ones?

You can run both Version 7 and Version 8 Quickmap off a network. You can also run both Version 7 and Version 8 on the same PC. So you can have some users involved in the beta test program, but not others if you wish.

How Long Does It Take To Install Version 8?

It should take less than 5 minutes to install Version 8.

How Do I Get The New Version Of Quickmap?

If you are an existing Quickmap subscriber, contact us on 0800 145 554, or email support@quickmap.co.nz and we will send you the new version on CD-ROM at no charge. If you are new to Quickmap, standard Quickmap charges will apply.

Can I Run Quickmap V7 and V8 (Beta) At The Same Time?

Yes. You can run Quickmap version 7 and Quickmap version 8 (Beta) at the same time on the same computer if you wish.

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