September 2019 Update

New Quickmap Release

Quickmap Version 8.2.7191 was released 9-Sept-2019 and includes the following enhancements:

      • If the Find form (CTRL/F) is resized, the new size is remembered between sessions.
      • Results in in the Find form no longer leaves a gap at the bottom of the list.
      • Layers can be re-added to Quickmap using File->New Layer with the same name as a layer that used to exist in Quickmap but was deleted.
      • The Data Download Manager now has 2 buttons: Download Now and Install Now. Data update downloads scheduled to run at night time still run automatically, without the need to click any buttons.
      • Fixed bug that sometimes prevents the support log displaying when you select Support Log off the Help menu in Quickmap.

See what’s new in Quickmap version 8 for details of all enhancements.

Quickmap Version 8.2.7191 is freely available for download here.

Automatic Data Updates

The Data Download Manager is currently in the beta test phase, but will soon be available for general use.
The Data Download Manager allows you to setup your server, or standalone PC, to automatically download data updates when they become available from Custom Software Limited. This works similar to how Windows Updates work, whereby you can configure your PC to update automatically, or you can click the Update Now button to update manually. In most cases, there is no additional fee for this service, and we recommend you contact to sign up. The service will save you time and money.

Surveyors will be pleased to know that NZGD2000 Circuit coordinates are now available in Prover

Simply check the Survey button (just above the map) to display marks on the map, then click on a survey mark and select the NZGD2000 Circuit that you want to display.

All Quickmap users receiving Monthly updates are entitled to complementary access to for the length of subscription. Contact us for more information.

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